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Argentina vs. Canada: Copa América 2024 Match Preview

As the Copa América 2024 draws closer, the matchup between Argentina and Canada stands out as a fascinating encounter. Argentina, a traditional South American powerhouse, faces off against Canada, an emerging force in North American football. This match promises a unique blend of styles and a captivating display of football, highlighting the diversity and excitement of the tournament.

Historical Context

Argentina and Canada have limited history in competitive matches, having primarily faced each other in friendly fixtures and youth tournaments. Argentina, with its rich footballing legacy and numerous accolades, has traditionally been the stronger side. Canada, however, is experiencing a football renaissance, with a generation of players eager to make their mark on the global stage. Their meeting in Copa América 2024 adds an intriguing narrative to the tournament.

Team Profiles


Argentina enters Copa América 2024 with a squad full of talent and experience. Known for their attacking flair and technical prowess, La Albiceleste will aim to dominate the competition and add another trophy to their illustrious history.

Key Players:

  • Lionel Messi (Forward)
  • Rodrigo De Paul (Midfielder)
  • Emiliano Martínez (Goalkeeper)
  • Lautaro Martínez (Forward)

Manager: Lionel Scaloni


Canada has made significant strides in recent years, developing a competitive team capable of challenging established football nations. Known for their athleticism and growing technical skills, the Canadian team will look to prove themselves on one of the biggest stages in international football.

Key Players:

  • Alphonso Davies (Defender/Midfielder)
  • Jonathan David (Forward)
  • Stephen Eustáquio (Midfielder)
  • Milan Borjan (Goalkeeper)

Manager: John Herdman

Tactical Analysis

Argentina’s Approach:

Argentina is expected to adopt an aggressive approach, utilizing their attacking talent to break down Canada’s defense. Messi’s creativity and goal-scoring ability, combined with De Paul’s control in midfield, will be central to their strategy. Argentina’s defense, anchored by Martínez, will need to stay organized to thwart Canada’s counter-attacks.

Canada’s Strategy:

Canada will likely focus on a disciplined defensive setup, aiming to frustrate Argentina and capitalize on counter-attacks. Davies’ pace and versatility will be key to their attacking threat, while Eustáquio’s presence in midfield will be crucial in disrupting Argentina’s play and launching quick transitions.

Key Battles

  1. Lionel Messi vs. Alphonso Davies: Messi’s experience and skill will test Davies, who is known for his speed and defensive capabilities. This duel could be crucial in determining Argentina’s ability to break through Canada’s defense.
  2. Rodrigo De Paul vs. Stephen Eustáquio: The midfield battle between De Paul and Eustáquio will be pivotal. De Paul’s ability to create chances and control the tempo will be challenged by Eustáquio’s defensive acumen and work rate.
  3. Lautaro Martínez vs. Milan Borjan: Martínez’s positioning and finishing will be a significant threat to Canada’s goal. Borjan’s goalkeeping skills and leadership will be essential in keeping Martínez at bay.


Predicting the outcome of this match involves weighing Argentina’s attacking depth and experience against Canada’s disciplined defense and counter-attacking capabilities. Argentina are the favorites, but Canada’s resilience and tactical discipline could lead to a closely contested match.

Possible Outcomes:

  • Argentina Win: If Argentina can leverage their attacking talents and dominate possession, they are likely to secure a win.
  • Canada Win: If Canada can defend resolutely and capitalize on counter-attacks, an upset could be on the cards.
  • Draw: A possible result if Canada’s defense holds firm and Argentina struggles to break them down.