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Netherlands vs. France: UEFA Euro 2024 Match Preview


The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament promises to deliver thrilling matches, and one of the standout fixtures in the group stage is the clash between the Netherlands and France. Both teams are powerhouses in European football, each boasting a wealth of talent and rich footballing history. This encounter is set to be a highlight of the tournament, offering fans a showcase of top-tier football.

Match Details

Date: June 23, 2024
Time: 21:00 CET
Venue: Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany
Historical Context

The Netherlands and France have faced each other numerous times in international competitions, with France often having the upper hand in recent encounters. However, the Netherlands have a storied history and have produced many footballing legends. This match at Euro 2024 adds another chapter to their rivalry, promising a thrilling contest.

Team Profiles


The Netherlands come into Euro 2024 with a balanced squad featuring a mix of experienced players and exciting young talents. Known for their attacking style and solid defensive organization, the Dutch will be aiming to go far in the tournament.

Key Players:

Virgil van Dijk (Defender)
Frenkie de Jong (Midfielder)
Memphis Depay (Forward)
Matthijs de Ligt (Defender)
Manager: Ronald Koeman


France, the reigning World Cup champions, are one of the favorites to win Euro 2024. With a squad packed with world-class talent in every position, they play a dynamic and entertaining brand of football. France will be looking to add another European Championship to their trophy cabinet.

Key Players:

Kylian Mbappé (Forward)
Antoine Griezmann (Forward)
N’Golo Kanté (Midfielder)
Raphaël Varane (Defender)
Manager: Didier Deschamps

Tactical Analysis

Netherlands’ Approach:

The Netherlands are expected to adopt an aggressive attacking approach, utilizing their talented midfield to control the game and create opportunities. Frenkie de Jong’s playmaking abilities will be crucial in linking the defense and attack, while van Dijk and de Ligt will anchor a robust defense.

France’s Strategy:

France will likely focus on their fluid attacking play, aiming to exploit the Netherlands’ defense with the pace and skill of Mbappé and the creativity of Griezmann. Kanté’s role in midfield will be pivotal in breaking up Dutch attacks and launching counters. Varane will lead the defense, ensuring solidity at the back.

Key Battles

Virgil van Dijk vs. Kylian Mbappé:
One of the most anticipated duels will be between van Dijk’s defensive prowess and Mbappé’s explosive speed and skill. This battle could be decisive in determining France’s ability to penetrate the Dutch defense.

Frenkie de Jong vs. N’Golo Kanté:
The midfield clash between de Jong and Kanté will be crucial. De Jong’s ability to dictate play and create chances will be tested by Kanté’s relentless energy and defensive capabilities.

Memphis Depay vs. Raphaël Varane:
Depay’s creativity and goal-scoring ability will be a significant threat to France. Varane’s experience and defensive acumen will be key in neutralizing this threat.


This match is expected to be a closely contested affair, given the quality and form of both teams. France might be seen as slight favorites due to their recent successes and depth of talent. However, the Netherlands’ tactical discipline and attacking potential make them formidable opponents.

Possible Outcomes:

France Win: If France can leverage their attacking talent and dominate the midfield, they are likely to secure a victory.
Netherlands Win: If the Netherlands can maintain solid defensive organization and capitalize on their attacking opportunities, they could triumph.
Draw: A possible result if both teams play to their strengths and neither can gain a definitive upper hand.