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UEFA Euro 2024 Quarter-Finals: Portugal vs. France


The highly anticipated quarter-final clash between Portugal and France is set to be a thrilling encounter in the UEFA Euro 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about the match, including time, date, venue, and key statistics.

Match Details

Date: June 29, 2024
Time: 21:00 CET
Venue: Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany

Team Overview


Current Form: Portugal has shown strong form in the tournament, with standout performances from key players.

Key Players:

Cristiano Ronaldo: The talismanic forward continues to be a crucial player for Portugal.
Bruno Fernandes: His creativity and vision in midfield are vital.
Rúben Dias: Solidifying the defense with his leadership and tackling prowess.


Current Form: France has been dominant, showcasing their depth and quality throughout the tournament.

Key Players:

Kylian Mbappé: Known for his pace and goal-scoring ability.
Karim Benzema: A vital attacking option with his experience and skill.
N’Golo Kanté: The engine in midfield, providing stability and breaking up opposition play.

Head-to-Head Statistics

Previous Meetings: Portugal and France have a storied rivalry, with several memorable encounters in recent tournaments.
Wins: France holds a slight edge historically, but Portugal has had significant victories, including the Euro 2016 final.
Goals Scored: Matches between these two teams are often tightly contested, with a balanced goal tally over the years.

Tactical Battle

Portugal’s Strategy: Portugal will likely rely on a balanced approach, leveraging their strong defense and quick counter-attacks, aiming to utilize Ronaldo’s finishing and Fernandes’ playmaking.
France’s Strategy: France will look to dominate possession and use their attacking trio of Mbappé, Benzema, and Griezmann to break down the Portuguese defense.

Match Prediction

Given the quality and form of both teams, this quarter-final is expected to be closely fought. France’s attacking prowess against Portugal’s solid defense and counter-attacking threat makes for a fascinating tactical battle. The match could be decided by small margins, individual brilliance, or a moment of magic from the star players on either side.

What to Watch For

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Kylian Mbappé: A showdown between two of the world’s best forwards.
Midfield Battle: The clash between Fernandes and Kanté in midfield could be crucial in determining the flow of the game.
Defensive Resilience: How Portugal’s defense handles France’s relentless attack will be key to their chances.
Stay tuned for more updates and coverage as we approach this exciting quarter-final clash in Euro 2024!